? Ebyte outdoor gateway

Today I will bring you an outdoor gateway with the standard LoRaWAN protocol, which is different from the indoor transmission design of other gateways on the market. The transmission distance of the indoor transmission gateway can usually only reach about 200 meters, which meets the needs of indoor transmission. The transmission distance of this outdoor transmission gateway can reach 3 kilometers, and the transmission distance is more than 10 times that of other indoor gateways. Then there are other features of Woolen cloth! Lora wireless modem Support 4G+Ethernet two-way connection, stable and reliable; Support wired and wireless simultaneous online, multi-network intelligent switching; Support firmware upgrade, and firmware configuration backup function; Support firewall, NAT, DMZ host, access control black and white list, IP speed limit, and other functions; l Support QOS traffic service, can limit the speed according to the interface; Support VPN client;  Support load balancing multi-network port flow control settings, with network port priority, enable, flow control ratio and other working methods; Support 1 wired WAN port, LAN port can be switched;  Support LORAWAN gateway; Support LED status monitoring; Supports Web platform management and configuration mode; Supports one-click restore to factory settings; Supports wired network port 10/100Mbps rate.