Short and fast: I was about to move to Miami, leave Sweden behind and got a text from an amazingly sexy guy.A few days passed, in my head we were kind of a thing I mean we talked almost every night and we thought exactly the same, we were perfect for each other. At least that's what it felt like. One day he finally decided to ask me out on a real date, he lived 3 hours away so I was pretty sure it wouldn't work out, he planned it out for a Saturday night at the city, I didn't really know what to actually tell my parents, I just couldn't go up to them and say "Mom..Dad, I have a date Saturday night with a 18 year old guy I don't even know" What the h*ll!? Hellooooooo it sounds so stupid my head hurts, I had to make up something, I had...to lie. I thought about it and maybe what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them right? July first, nine fifty am, I walked up the stairs with a feeling, like they would find out what I was up to, I wasn't really sure if I should do it but it was now or never. I knocked on the door three times..just kidding I opened it lol, I walked up to my mom who was sitting in bed with her computer, already working, I could hear my heartbeats louder than my own voice, "Mom?" I said "I'm sleeping over at my friends house this Saturday, more like a girl night thing" She didn't even look at me, she gave me a dry "Okay" I felt offended I mean doesn't she care? "Mom it's a Saturday and I'm just going to sleep at my friends house isn't that a little bit suspicious..?" "Nah" she responded, I turned my back still chocked that she didn't even bother to put a tracker on my phone -_-.... Right after that I took my phone and sent a message to my friend, I was shaking I could feel my butterflies really hard but then I realized it was that stupid Mocha cappuccino from earlier, damn it. I guess I just couldn't believe it was really going to happen..