Last night Kat came over for our annual shrimp-dinner. We make homemade mayonnaise then we fry shrimp with lots of chili & garlic and we feast! A wonderful tradition :) after dinner my lady wanted to take me out for cocktails, so off we went!  We headed to Republique and the speakeasy Lavomatic! Trés trendy. Also, did you know that speakeasies are also called blind pigs?? Now you know! PS photo cred goes to Kat!  At the Lavomatic you walk through a washing machine to get to the hidden bar. Dorky photos are a must of course.  Then you head up the stairs and get a menu from one of the trendy waiters. Sit on a Brillo-box and pretend you're in Andy Warhols factory. They also had swings instead of chairs by the higher tables, very jealous of the cool peeps who got to sit there.  Order a couple of ~cool~ cocktails.  And proceed to look uber-cute with your friend <3 :)))) PS photo cred to Kat again! Her phone camera is so much better than mine, really want a new one.... After a few more bars D. and I woke up pretty beat today. Took our time and headed out to the canal in the sun. Found a boat that we decided to investigate further.  They served brunch! And drinks!  So we had brunch!  And drinks! But first: some kisses and cuddles.  All was hunky dory until this guy decided to steal the bacon. Photo taken about a millisecond before this occurred. He was semi-popular after that. But he's too cute to be angry with for any longer amount of time <3 I mean, just look at this little sausage. <3 Now Duncan has left us for the bar (where he works, we don't just drive him to drink haha) and we're snuggled up in bed. Time for a taco and some TV I think! Happy Sunday night loves :)