Last week , before I fell over and busted both my knees (nothings broken, don't panic mom), we decided to have gyoza-night here at home. A fun & cozy thing to do together! Also, delicious result. Mmmm.  Now the beauty with making these little things is that you can obviously fill them with whatever your heart desires! We went for chanterelles cooked in butter, bok choi fried in soy & ginger plus a tad of red cabbage and fresh coriander. DELICIOUS. To be dipped in sauce made of soy, white rice vinegar & sesame oil.  This guy was a tad interested.  Last time we took on this project we fried them in oil for a crunchy "shell", this time we went for the healthier option of steaming. Both were equally yummy. We went all out and made sushi as well, but it didn't work out as well as it has in the past... so no photos of that :(  But here's another Leo-love pic anyway, just because I can. <3