Last week (or was it two weeks ago? Losing track..) Rosy, Richard, Linda and I braved the summer rain and went to the jazz club New Morning to see New Orleans-band Hot 8 Brass Band! The heat inside the venue was intense, we got beers in hope of cooling off.  It was packed, sweaty and everyone were wet from the rain. The bathrooms announced pussycratie, among other less interesting things.  Hi friends!!  Not the easiest to get good pics when you're not the tallest one of the bunch, but as we say in Sweden: shame on the one who gives up! Or rather, skam den som ger sig! Swedish lesson of the day, check. It was like a sauna in there, did not envy this guy!!  An although sweaty, really fun gig! They made me want to go to New Orleans and PARTY! Fun fun fun. Managed to film a little bit too, check out the lil' vid below to get the vibe :) Oh and in the middle of everything a guy projectile vomited on the dance floor. Just a quick side track. Haha.   When this post comes up I'll be out wining and dining with my ladies, not sure how much more I'll get to see them before we all sort of scatter :/ making the most of having them near now <3