I've been sleeping pretty well lately, considering that I go through phases when I don't really sleep at all. Sadly, last night, my insomnia came back with a vengeance. When I was still awake at 5.30 I gave up and watched The Office in bed instead of staring up at the ceiling. Finally fell asleep around 7 this morning. My nose is ridiculously blocked as well, but nothing new there. ANYWAY, enough with the complaints - here comes a few things that make me really happy instead. Waking up with this soft, warm little guy snuggled up on my shoulder. Snoring away softly <3 This started the other day: when I go into the bathroom he sneaks in quietly RIGHT behind me, then refuses to leave. So I no longer go to the toilet or shower alone. Haha. ehm THIS?! :D  Had pizza from Adaggio (an italian resto up the road from us) not once but twice this past week. Hehe. New favourite pizzas in town - nothing fancy or super inventive, just really well made, delicious italian pizzas. Mmmm. So this makes more sense if you know that my moms nickname is Godzilla (actual name Gunilla, also my nickname in the family is Evil. hehehe) - now is this a sign or what?! Rob Zombie has a black pug called Godzilla!!!! Couldn't be more of a sign if it smacked me in the face I think.  Kind of like this?! Haha.. Leos new paw-rest, the head on my head is old news ;) I don't know how I'm going to be able to separate from little Leo. He's just a little ball of love. Or more of a sausage maybe. In fact we've nicknamed him Monsieur Boudin Noir (many nicknames in our family hehe). Monsieur Boudin Noir is a distinguished gentleman who likes lazy Sunday mornings, strolls along the canal saint martin, candle lit dinners & movies in bed. <3 And finally - THIS! Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!! <3