Today we headed to my new favourite place in Paris - La REcyclerie! It was rainy and quiet, not very August-y, but still lovely. PS Have just figured out how to make these cool columns in le blog, exciting huh???? Hehe. Mom is heading back to Stockholm this afternoon, this was a must before she left. We headed down the stairs, past the chickens, to explore.  They have a whole greenhouse where they're doing "aquaponie", I had no idea what it was but read about it here! It's pretty damn cool.  They have an area where you can play petanque. ~Trés french~ (not in a bad way) After a bit of nature we headed inside for lunch! This guy was in to it.  We all had the salmon with linguine and avocado-sauce. Leo had a dentafix.  While we ate the sun came out! We had after lunch-coffee in pint glasses (!) outside.  Before heading back to reality we took another stroll. They grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables there, strawberries for example.  A perfect ending to moms visit this time around! <3