Last night we had fish tacos, LOVE IT, and watched The Usual Suspects, thought it was OK. Trying to get through a bunch of classic movies that I haven't seen, any ones I can't miss??  Today (before the rain, which is now heavy upon us..) we headed to the Marais. We spend at least one day per time mom is around. Love it there <3 Leo patiently waited outside of the shops while being adored by by passers. He's a very popular little guy. We spent some time at Nature et Decouverte, I LOVE that place. They have the absolute best incense as well, I bought Frangipanier sous les alizés and Nature après la pluie. Just listen to the description: A fresh and ozonic fragrance with a leading note of water and citrus on a balsamic base of roots, earth and forest. YES I'LL HAVE ALL OF THEM THANK YOU.  Also, mom bought us presents while I was waiting outside with Leo <3 a mosquito-repellent wristband for me (I get absolutely destroyed) and lovely green tea with jasmine! We're all having a cup now while the rain pours outside. Lovely. Mom had ice cream as a present for herself :)))  Then she took this photo which is my new absolute fave <3 <3 <3 Now Kat is on her way over for pizza & movie night! Yay!