In half an hour dad is coming to pick me up and we're off to Arlanda, it's goodbye to Stockholm for this time! Let's peek at the past few days through the iPhone lens....  Just the other day I was on a beach in the south of Sweden. I'd just been for a swim in the ice cold water and felt very happy with myself :) Instagram showed me who's signing at Hellfest, would LOVE to meet Airbourne for example! :D  Met up with dad for a "fika" at Starbucks yesterday, we chatted for about an hour until.... Bella took over :) we hung out in Humlegården for about an hour, talked about big important things and hugged <3  When I got home I needed to take the dogs out for a walk before Sophia came over for dinner. It of course started POURING down the moment we were about to step outside. But fear not I said to the confused dogs, I came prepared. I couldn't see anything inside the huge hood and the dogs did not want to be outside at all, but oh well.  Today has mostly been spent packing, hanging out with mom and organizing the last few things. Now: making sure I've packed my dinner (I never ever buy food on flights or airports, always pack my own), my house keys and passport. And then I'm off to meet up with dad followed by Carro & Simon at Arlanda! :D Then Duncan at home!! :D <3