Landed in my hometown at 1AM the other night, love sitting by the window on shorter flights. Especially at night <3 So far I've watched/listened to mom take on Elektra, wanted to stand up through out the whole thing and shout THAT'S MY MOM EVERYONE. Proud daughter. <3 I've also hung out with some of my favourite people in the entire world - I've looked after these little rascals since they were babies (including the almost 9 year old on the left), we've been through so much together. My second family <3 I've cuddled with my soulmate Egon, he fell asleep with his paw on mine last night. <3 again.  And had breakfast with the cats & mom in her colourful kitchen! :) Stockholm is treating me so well. Now I'm off to do some second hand shopping then it's time for bubbly on a besties balcony! Hope your weekend is as good as mine is!!