Had a lovely sunny Sunday today, with my two favourite boys <3 After morning walk, breakfast and some laziness at home we set sails over the train tracks by Gare du Nord. We were headed to KB café, bien-sur. Leo looked out over his minions. Leo loves other black pugs, it's quite funny how excited he gets. Like he knows that it's one of his own kind. So every time we spot one now Duncan runs over to make the introductions, haha.  I love finding new little streets and areas that we haven't explored before. Today was Sunday, and also we're right in the middle of holiday season, so a lot was closed - but we found some cute windows! Now D. is hard at work, Leo and I are relaxing on the sofa. We've (read: I've) been cooking, baking (!), tidying while watching Moana (again, I love it) and waiting for MUMMA BEAR! YAY <3