Yesterday we trekked over to a newly built area past La Villette for dinner. The place was called Thai Basilic and the address on Google is not correct!! It's not far though so just put the name of the restaurant in to Google maps instead of the address and you'll find it fine. Good that we checked for you, right?!  We sat down on the terrace and ordered in LOTS of food. This guy waited patiently for his dinner... Mom ordered a whole stuffed fish, which lead to a discussion about anchovies and what they really are?? Haha.. The food was really nice, but it's really remote and not the most fun area. It's pretty much next door to a new cinema (this one) so hot tip if you're heading that way for a movie :) Today came the rain! But we braved it and went for a swim in the Bassin de la Villette! You can actually do that now! No photos though as we didn't know if they'd have lockers or not (they did) so we didn't want to bring any valuables. Yesterday they had a total of 2000 people coming through (!!!!); today we were visitors number 27, 28 & 29. Hehe.  These two practiced their blue steel 8-) Cousin it! Haha! Now it's time to start sipping cocktails and get to work in the kitchen! Laters! x