All over London

Today has been a long and busy day. I had 4 castings on my schedule which doesn’t sound too bad, but traffic in London can be a bit crazy sometimes. Today was one of those days. Some lines had severe delays, so I had to take alternative routes to get to my castings. One casting took me 1 hour and 40 min to get to!Hopefully they all went well :) Finally it’s starting to get a bit chilly outside, I don’t mind that it’s colder closer to christmas so you can bundle up with warm clothes, light candles and get that supercozy christmas feeling. Even the agency is preparing for christmas, so cute!! (love Fred’s pose btw haha)  Lucky me I had an hour lunch break AND I was close to my favorite place Counter Albion. The lunch is just as amazing as the breakfast, great salad bar with lots of vegan options. When I came home I did some exercises in our little gym with focus on arms, then had dinner and watched some vlogs.Now I just finished dessert and I’m so tired so I just gonna go to bed now. Sweet dreams everyone!