Yesterday night I had a little get together, a so called ”friendsgiving”, together with some friends here in London.Sofie and Nino were hosting dinner at their place, and as usual we all bring a dish or two to share with everyone. We all love to cook (and eat) so this is something we all really enjoy doing once in a while.It all actually first started over a year ago when me, Sofie and Sally were having dinners together at eachothers place. Then we started to invite more and more people and now this has become a little thing. I made oven roasted brussel sprouts and brittish swede, and a pumpkin- banana bread for dessert, which I will post the recepie on soon. From top left to right: Roasted brussles and swede, nut-roast, guacamole, red beat white bean patties, kale chips, broccoli, asparagus, celery, carrots and hummus. First plate of all yummynessssss Sofie made a  super good raw cheesecake with raspberries, here with my banana-pumpkin bread, Nino's hazelnut chocolate spread, berries and nuts. It was very nice to see everyone, especially Nino who I havn’t seen for like over half a year or something!The food was soooo delicious, and personally I think the ”Nut-roast” was the winner. Really tasty, I think I will make it for christmas at home for my family to taste it aswell.We ate, chatted and played card games all night long. So cosy, I love these dinners <3