My week

Hey there! It’s now been a week since I came home from London. I’ve mostly spent my time at home together with my family and friends I’ve missed so much. It feels so good to get back to these routines, counting down to christmas. Love to be back in my own kitchen trying out yummy vegan recepies. Cooking for others is so much more fun than to just cook for myself! Except from baby sitting my family’s dogs and cooking during the days I went to Stockholm one day to visit my mother agency Elite. It was so nice to see them all again, missed them a lot! Even if I don’t see them so often it feels like we are so close, like a little family. We had a nice chat, took new polaroids and video in bikini and planned for upcoming year. The planning felt really good, I like to have goals to look forward to and to ”fight” for. Feel so ready to begin the next year and excited to see what it has to offer. Before I jumped on the train back home to Örebro again, I met up with my friend Julia. We went to Sally Voltaire & Systrar at Åhléns to have lunch and catch up. Loved to see her again, she is just amazing. We used to live together in Milan a year ago and have so many good memories together with her from that time haha. I remember the first day I met her, when I moved into the model apartment in Milan. Didn’t know her at all then but we started talking and just couldn’t stop, felt like we’ve known eachother forever. My delicious lunch at Sally & Voltaire with Julia. Love their salads and hummus together with their dark bread. Today I’m gonna meet up my lovely friend Eva and tomrrow I’m going to Stockholm to eat vegetarian (vegan) christmas table together with my parents, Sally and her parents. So excited about that!