Stressed but not really

Hi hi! Today has been a little messy. I slept pretty bad, had strange scary dreams and woke up a lot. But after shower, breakfast and coffee I felt okay again.Had to rush to my first casting, but when I got there somehow the time got mixed up so the woman I was meeting wasn’t available until 1 hour and a half later.So used the time to go and grab a tea and write a postcard to someone I really miss. Love writing postcards, people (including me) don’t do it that often anymore which is a little sad, it’s exciting in a way to send something physically instead of a message over the internet. And it’s even more exciting to get one, hopefully this will be a little happy surprise for that person :)  After the casting I went home to make some lunch, then quickly to my agency where my next and last casting was.I love to go to the agency here, they are all so sweet and welcoming. We added some pictures for my portfolio and then I headed home again. Even if it’s been a pretty chilled day today I for some reason felt stressed. Maybe because my lack of sleep.So what I’m gonna do now is to listen to my body, stay inside with a nice cup of tea, some good food and just relax.It’s so important to listen to your body, often it tells you exactly what it needs, and tonight it’s rest. Have a great evening everyone! xxx