Stuffed like a potato

Thats exactly how I felt after Saturday’s christmas table at Hermans restaurant in Stockholm with my parents, my friend Sally and her parents. But damn, it was soo good!Fun to try something new this christmas, usually the traditional swedish christmas table contains mosty dead animals and animal products so as a vegan this was a DREAM. And I also got a lot of inspiration for our own christmas table next week ;) Sorry for the blurry pictures, was a little too excited when I took them I guess haha. Fresh bread, different spreads like ”skagenröra”, tapenade, herbspread, seitan ham, sausage, ”meatballs”, mustard and sauce at the first table. Janssons of course, warm curry stews, saffron rice, roasted potatoes and roots.. A big table of different salads with lots of different flavors and textures, also differens nutroasts and ”herring” with eggplant instead of fish.  Finishing of with desserts from the dessert table. Here was everything from cookies and cupcakes, truffles, mousse, apple tart with vanilla sauce, vegan cheese with dried fruit and nuts and more.. My favorites was the kale salad with mustard dressing, sweet potato mash, the meatless meatballs with ”skagen” and the aubergine mustard ”herring”.Now I feel so full of christmas food so I think I can have a break until the real christmas table at home;)