Sunday market!

Yesterday I woke up at Sally’s place. We had a slow morning trying to figure out the day, but eventually we took ourselves to our favorite breakfast place Counter Albion.I looove this place, they have the best oatmeal, soya yoghurt,  bread, fruits and all different kinds of nuts and toppings you can imagine. And you simply fill a bowl and a plate with whatever you want and pay only 6 pounds! We sat for a long time just enjoying our cosy morning together with one of Sallys friends Saga, and realized that it’s actually the first of advent today! Unfortunately we didn’t have any candle to light up and it’s still so warm (well, not freezing anyway…) in London so it didn’t really feel like advent just yet. After that we went to Camden market to meet up Sofie and Nino. This market was so big! We didn’t even know where to start, it’s like a labyrinth of shops, so we kind of just through ourselves in there.It was so cosy to just stroll around the market, looking at all different kinds of things. There was a lot of nice food there aswell, so next time I will go there hungry! I found this perfect expandable bag which is also eco friendly and waterproof that I bought. I needed an extra bag that I can check in when I’m going home for christmas, just in case I would find any christmas gifts or so.. ;)