Cowboys in Cotopaxi

Have you ever looked at a photo of some far away place and thought "How do you even get to a place like that?" and wished you could just walk straight into the photo. Well, that's what it felt like yesterday when we went horseriding in Cotopaxi. Cotopaxi is a national park two hours from Quito and the name comes from the active vulcano with the same name. The park itself is huge and the landscape is wide with green hills and vulcanos all around. To be here was an amazing experience that I will remember forever.We took a tour bus from Quito and made a few stops along the way - one where we got a really cool view over the capital. When we finally got to the park me and Patricio was dropped off at the horse "ranch" and greeted by a cowboy. He was a very nice man! So, we got dressed in warm ponchos and in chaps and jumped up on our horses. I was a bit scared to be honest, I am not exactly a skilled rider.. However, everything went fine. The horses were really calm and used to amateur riders.We rode through the scenic landscape, met wild horses (such a cool experience), saw wild dogs and weird birds. We rode through valleys, next to steep cliffs and all of a sudden - heavy rain. It got freezing cold and all my clothes got soaked. It adds some spice to the story I guess. When we got back after a two hour ride, we walked up to a reception area and sat by the fire, drinking hot chocolate "mmmm..".Hope your weekend was great as well!