Ecuador - a festival every day!

I really love Ecuador! The first time I was here, 12 years ago, I knew that I would be back. I didn't know I would be back with my husband manyyyyy years later. In comparison to other countries in South America, I have never EVER felt so much at home as I do here in Ecuador. I don't know what it is but people are friendly and welcoming, it feels safe here and I don't know, it's so beautiful. I almost feel I could live here.. Yesterday was sunday and we usually go to the park on sundays! There is a big park maybe 4 km away - Carolina Park. The park has a big lagon where you can go in small boats (never tried it). Yesterday the weather was sooo nice. We sat on a bench, watched people, Patricio read his book and I just rested. It was so lovely to hear the laughters and talking from people. In some shop they were playing traditional Andean music - I LOVE Andean music. If you haven't heard, listen to this and try to imagine the feeling I had..So, the music, the laughters, people going in boats and tiny food stalls selling cheap street food really got me! I LOVE this country so much.. Tokyo is for sure my soul city, but Ecuador is definitely my soul country..