Ecuador I love you!

Hey guys!Sorry for not posting anything on the blog til now.. The problem we have is that it's not super safe to bring the camera when we're out, which really sucks. So, I know it's not that fun to read a blog post without pictures. However - I have a lot of pictures for you now! Yesterday we took a cab to Mito del Mundo, which litteraly is the center of the world, the equator goes straight through Ecuador. It's pretty cool to see it really, they've marked the ground with a yellow line so you can stand with one foot on each side of the world. I've actually been here once before, 12 years ago! How weird is that! Then I was posing with my sister but now I'm here with my husband. Haha, I would never have thought that when I was there last time..But apart from the really cool equator-thing, the day was awesome in so many other ways. For example: the weather was incredible! It was so warm and nice, but not too much you know. The breezes were warm and nice. We stoped and had lunch at a cosy cafe where we had a good view over the "city". After lunch we looked in some souvenir shops and we got to interview an old lady, so cool! Patricio got lots of nice photos - you'll see and read more about it in our next number of Red Llama #3. (for you who still haven't read the #1 and #2, just press the links)Something else really funny happened yesterday! There was a dance performance in Mito del Mundo, young girls and boys who were dancing tradicional Ecuadorian dances, really nice. We also interview the kids and Patricio took a lot of good photos (some of them I'll show you here). After the dance performance were done, the little girls wanted to dance with me - haha! They were really cute but I honestly cannot dance.. Patricio also danced hehe..Next weekend we will probably have lots of good pics to show you, because we're gonna horseride to Cotopaxi - a volcano here in Quito! I am soooo excited!Take care!