Going on new adventures again!

So, it's finally time for another adventure! We leave for New York in two days, after spending 6 days in the big Apple, we're heading to Quito in Ecuador! I am very VERY excited to go back to Ecuador, I was there 12 years ago with my family and to be honest, after travelling quite a bit around the globe, it's with no doubt one of the best and loveliest countires I've ever been to. I'm also super siked bout going to New York, for obvious reasons.. I can't wait to do some shopping!!!So, what I'm telling you here is that you are once more most welcome to follow me around the glove through the blog! - starting at 12:00 swedish time, wednesday.Here follows a serie of photos from our last trip to Japan! If you want to read about our adventures in the far east, press here - Tokyo -  - Osaka - My dear husband who's the eye behind every photo