NYC & Brooklyn Bridge

Soooo, first post from abroad - currently in NYC!We arrived here wednesday and has since been to Manhattan and walked around Brooklyn (that's where we live). Our first impression of NYC is that it's big! But we're actually not too impressed..hehe, since we are TOKYO fans, nothing compares to it. But, we're really happy to be here and to experience it all. Last night we ate at an Korean restaurant - Gunbae, it was sooooo good! We had bulgogi over rice..Made us wanna hop on a plane to Seoul right there and then.. Tonight we're gonna try to find some good ole New York burgers (shouldn't be to hard). Patricio has taken looooads of pix but I didn't have time to fix and upload them yet, will be more of that later from Ecuador. For now - 2 pix from Brooklyn Bridge.Take care!