Arrival in Italy

I was pretty exhausted when I was on my way to Italy, very intense last days in Sweden for many personal reasons. So because of that I was also very happy to leave my birth town to gain some new energy, from another country and beside my beloved. God how much I have missed to just be held by this man. But even though it has been nice to be apart, to understand how much you love someone - and to realize how important their presence is in your life. 5 weeks without each other were definitely too long.My flight was to Bologna, where Manu was waiting for me. I stepped of the flight, got my luggage and started walking barefoot towards the exit. And there I see Manuele in a tuxedo, hat, obviously barefoot and a newly picked sunflower for me. We both watched our bare feet and we started laughing. And it was such a strange feeling seeing each other after so long. So much that had happened in that short period of time. So it was almost like I was a bit nervous about it. And him as well. We stod there for long, just holding each other, kissed, felt each other bodys. Such a difference to be standing there in real life, being able to feel him after 5 weeks of just phonecalls and video calls. We took the car and went towards the room he had booked for us, a very peculiar apartment with a sauna and bubble bath in the living room haha. This man knows me well! He had prepared an amazing picnic with delicious cheeses, home made foods & champagne. We were to busy e enjoying ourselves so I forgot to take pictures of all of this. Just a very quick picture of the bubble bath the morning after. So lucky I am, to have such an romantic boyfriend. I was blown away from all of this. We had planned to be one day in Bologna. Manu have lived there for almost 7 years when he was younger. The years in university. So it's his old home. And what a beautiful city. Even though the temperature was crazy hot haha. Manueles mission was to find me a restaurant with dreamy Italian food - but gluten free. And actually Bologna had lots to offer, but we found this specific restaurant on trip advisor that had gotten very good reviews. Bakery and an award winning restaurant. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one to all gluten intolerant or allergic people, and everybody else!!Fiordaliso Caffetteria, Pasticceria e Ristorante.We arrived there with the thought that it would be a restaurant with gluten-free options. But while we sat down and was starting to order, I had some questions about the menu and they told us that EVERYTHING was gluten free. Absolutely everything. I have never been in such place before. We ordered pasta, pizza and beer. And indulged like never before. And wow. Amazing food. Apparently they just won "best pizza" in the gluten free category in a world championship - and I understand why, I could go back there just for the pizza :-)And like that wasn't enough. Just before we left I went past the cafeteria, where they had all the bakery-stuff. And I found for the first time in my life - Gluten free croissants. That was my biggest mission last year when I was in France, to find a bakery there. But no, not even in France where they come from. And it was SO delicious. My day in Bologna was spot on haha.... After a day in Bologna we decided it was time to head to Tuscany, to Manus family home where he grew up. His mum just texted us saying her, his cousin and his aunt was by the beach close by. So we decided to make a pitstop before. I was a bit nervous since I havn't met someone parents in a long while, so it was a big deal for me. Even though I had talked with both his parents on the phone before and heard lots of stories from Manu, I had a strong feeling they were very lovable - but completely different to meet in real life. Very early into our relationship too, Manu told me "now I will tell you something I think you won't like". And I looked at him like a question mark and said "okey, tell me". Manu continues "I kind of told my parents about you, and at the same time also told them that you had a blog and an instagram, so now they all have been reading it". My first reaction was "nooooo!! Could I have least have met them first". But he assured me that obviously he wouldn't have showed his parents if they weren't already very openminded. And when it landed, it felt pretty good that I was already accepted without even have met them. You could think that my work and what I write about could be a little bit to much for some parents, but not his luckily! The meeting on the beach went super well, such a lovely family. A very strong character for a mother and super sweet cousin and aunt <3 I feel more than welcome to be a part of their little tribe <3