I have been raped by men. I have been sexually harassed by men. I have had a strange relationship to my two fathers that I was brought up with, I don’t want to go into details but I don’t have any contact with any of them since many years back for several reasons. I have met horrible men during my life time. I just don’t believe that other men will change and act for the better good if I act from hate towards all men. I don’t believe that hate will solve anything. Hate creates more hate. That is my belief. OBVIOUSLY I think it’s so so important that this world need a change, for women rights, and for mens rights, for everyones rights. Thats not what my message represented, that I don’t care about all the women who suffers and has had been trough horrible experiences in their life. Of course I care. I care a lot. Thats why I want to work with what I do - to heal womens wounds regarding sexuality from experiences. To teach a more conscious view of love, connection and lovemaking. Regarding the part about tinder, with women who writes that they are feminists and then writes a text that they hate men. For me, that its the same as writing - I love all nationalities, but I don’t like Spanish people. That is blaming a big mass of people for something they haven’t been a part of, and has nothing to do with, just because they were worn into a certain sex. I’m also not interested in having many discussions in my comment feed about this. I understand that many of you don’t agree with me. Thats okey. We are all different with different views. I’m not trying to ask anyone to change. But I use my social media channels to share my beliefs, if you agree, thats okey, if you don’t, thats also okey. As much as I love men, I love women, and I don’t wish anything else that we should all have equal rights in life, in society, in love, in work - in everything. And its important for us all who believe in this to work towards this goal. But for me. I don’t believe hate will solve the problem. I got a really good comment from someone in my last post, who wrote ”BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE”. AHOO to that one. Thats what I’m trying to do. Act from love, and inspire your surrounding ❤