Byron Katie & Brené Brown

So now I am in the spiral of personal coaching sessions, then also me and Manu is doing a workshop series of The work by Byron Katie which I am blown away by. It's really a technical "simple" way to kind of go back and change your beliefs of your experiences. To look at situations from different angles that your mind doesn't naturally go to. Showing you that most things comes back to yourself - and learning you to start working with yourself. Battling with the ego in a very confronting way. Me and Manu are also doing this together which is even more challenging. We are facilitating each other in our own emotions towards the other person, when we have felt not good enough, anger or uncomfortable with each other. You go back to situation, meditate yourself back into this specific moment and dig deep into the work there. So it is really showing all parts of you, and we are able to be there for each other and support one another. Its very powerful and deep to do all of this self work together with your partner. Its one thing alone, but even bigger a side with someone. I have never had a partner before where this would have been possible. This level of communicating so openly with your partner about everything. It requires a lot of trust, love and understanding to being able to do this work with a partner. Lots of emotions is coming up, but also good ones. And I believe we are in a very healthy spiral where we are doing all of this together, living in our radical truth and are constantly expressing our emotions to each other. A massive growth as individuals and as partners.Just wanted to give you two tips. First Brené Brown, which book I am reading at the moment - "daring greatly". She is amazing. There is also a documentary on Netflix with her that recently came out. I haven't watched it jet but my friends said its amazing - and I know it is.Next tip is The Work by Byron Katie, which book I will read next that is called "loving that is". My spiritual coach says it is amazing, and I trust her fully. Im attaching two videos from both of them and then you can have a look. <3