COSMIC LOVE - In Stockholm

HEEEEY LADIES in StockholmAre you interested to learn more about astrology?How to deepen the knowledge about yourself from the cosmic powers?I have learnt so much about myself from this. I wrote a LONG post about my journey HERE.My dear friend Daisy is coming to Sweden this June to have a 1 day workshop in this. Through reading my astrological chart she told me 6 month in advance in exact what time I would meet my boyfriend. Around the 4-7th of January, and we met the 6th of January this year!How crazy is that? Its spot on with the timing. CLICK here to come to her webpage where there is information how to book and so on. And below you can read more about it <3 I have designed this workshop with the intention of helping women to gain a deeper understanding of their inherent connection to the cosmos and how they can work with the planetary bodies to enhance their daily lives. I want to support you in de-layering and de-conditioning the self so that you can return to your core essence - the way your soul intended for you to be - despite how society has tried to mould you. Therefore, we begin this immersion with PERMISSION - permission to be just as you are. Permission to follow the path that your soul is yearning for you to dance upon. Through gaining awareness around our souls intentions we come to a deeper place of self-acceptance and self-love.  This workshop is so much more than a download of astrological insight - we are going to be exploring the ancient history and mythology of the planets and goddesses. We will be incorporating ancient temple priestess rituals and dance practices. Evoking the ancient divine feminine essence within each of us. A return to the temple. The brief breakdown: - The Elements: understanding and balancing our elemental makeup- Mother Moon: understanding our inherent connection to the moon, the moon cycles, how the moon reflects our internal parent/child relationship, practical new & full moon rituals to take home with you- Black Moon Lilith: the wild, untamed part of the feminine that has been rejected by patriarchal society - and how to liberate her through your chart- Divine Union Within: Venus and Mars - our divine feminine and masculine energies - a brief look at the planets through each sign. How you can fulfill these energies within so as to avoid seeking external fulfillment in an unhealthy way- Embodiment: happy dance breaks and surprise, juicy embodiment practices- Q&A: I am an open book for all (non-personal) astrology questions