Hey guys!I was planning to let you be a part of my fasting process with doing daily reflections. But. It didn't happen which means this was supposed to happen instead. I apparently needed to be present with my process instead of writing about it during.It’s now day 8 on my fast - which is the longest I have fasted in my whole life. The reason why I am doing it right now in my life is because like most things, by synchronicity I met with this amazing woman Alice who is a fasting expert deluxe. We connected through uncommon friends and we were both drawn to each other - we had our first meeting together.  Alice comes from a background of being a full-time lawyer in London, working to many hours in this city environment filled with stress, was partying all the time and taking lots of drugs. Then a big shift happen. She came to the conclusion this lifestyle didn't make her happy and she needed a change. And then life opened up to this.After many years of research and study she now leads bigger groups and individuals in their heath journeys. She now lives a fruitarian diet and have healed various of symptoms within her. VERY interesting for my ears. I am in a big shift at the moment, where I am moving through my fears, lack of self love, limited beliefs about myself, allergies, traumas. Koh Phangan in Mars - May have been in my life schedule the past 3 years and the theme of my journeys here have always been deep self work, widen my knowledge & lots of sex.So when we got connected it all felt very aligned with where I am at at the moment. I have emotions, allergies and non healthy symptoms that I need to heal - and this method I haven’t tried before. After we had hang out on the beach for quite some time and she had told me about her life journey and about the knowledge behind her work - I was hooked. This was something I wanted to try.  Also at that time I was in a pretty unhealthy food spiral for myself. Its always different from person to person, in general I am healthy but in my normal pattern I don’t really have big crazing for sweets. But actually, since I met Manu that have shifted a big, the past months I have been indulging in vegan desserts and I have found myself waking uyp in the morning feeling like muffin. Even though I talk about the healthy versions of them - it still doesn’t feel like a healthy behavior for me. I dont want to crave things that much. This was my old me, when I was driven by my cravings. This is some bad habits I have worked on my last years and I have done a great progress in that. I don’t at all have the same attachment and deep cravings for food if I compare with before. But… This last period I have felt this behavior a bit more present with me again - and I dont like myself as much in this pattern - so I shift has to me made.  Since my will power have been kind of lacking the latest period I felt that it will be so hard to do this fast alone while Manu is at home cooking delicious food. I told him everything about what Alice shared with me, he is also familiar with fasting and have done it a few times in his past and he was also curious to do it with me. Pjjuuu, lucky me!!  So Alice put together a protocol and a fasting routine for us both together for 10 days. I will share some parts of it here on my blog. Other than that if this is a subject that interests you I highly recommend that you go into her page on Facebook - Fasting with Alice. Where they post very interesting information constantly. And you get to be able to be a part of bigger fasting journey she invites all members too. She is such a giving person so she shares all of this with out any cost. But if you for example have something specific you want to work with you can also book individual coaching sessions with her. And get more private advise that is customized for you. FIRST.Why am I fasting? For who? What is my goals? My intention?Really important that if you want to achieve a big outcome, you need to know WHY you are doing this for yourself. And what goals do you have. Just to be more clear in your life vision. I have decided to share my intentions with you, but obviously if you do something similar, it can be very sacred to keep your intentions for yourself.  IntentionsMy intentions for this fasting is to heal. Heal my self love towards myself. Take care of this temple as it deserves and stop floating away in my mind for quick indulging. To increase my willpower to what it once was, or even expand it.I want to shift my belief in myself. I AM A PUBLIC SPEAKER. I AM FULL OF KNOWLEDGE. I CAN ONLY DO MY BEST ALWAYS. I am good enough as I am.Last intention is my deep focus in my relationship with Manu. I want to learn everything about us both intertwined. I want to be the best person for him, learn my shadows even more, understand them. Get better at communicate with each other. Grow together on the path of love. Next coming days I will post about our 10-day schedule <3Just finished our 1,5 days of dry fasting yesterday which was very intense. LOTS of emotions. Lots of weird sensations. Today I feel like I lost a kilo of stuff that wasn’t serving me anymore.  To come to Alice facebook page - FASTING WITH ALICE (you have to become a member to see)To come to Alice instagram @fastingwithalcieTo come to an article about Alice’s life journeySo thankful for have met this woman, Alice - what a gem you are!Thank you for sharing you knowledge to the people <3LOVE