(T-shirts from Safe & Wild clothing, cruelty free vegan and they donate a bigger percentage of the profit to various animal protection charities <3 ) Okey… Day 9 today. ONE DAY MORE!!! WAAAOOOWWW.. I have never succeeded fasting for this long. Not that I have ever tried either. But I have done 3 days before and that has been a struggle for me mentally. Not for the body. But my mind tends to try trick me a lot. But this time it has actually been quite easy at times. Except for the dry fast day 7, which was very new to me. This is information taken from Alice facebook page, but to give you some background on her teachings and beliefs: *** EATING AND HEALING DO NOT GO TOGETHER ***👉 Nutrition comes second to removing obstructions from within the body.As a result of eating the wrong diet since childhood, we are ALL carrying a great deal of obstruction, both visible - as excess weight or a tumour, and invisible - as deep cellular waste.A congested, constipated body can't access the information contained in food and is deeply undernourished. 👉 This is because MUCUS, accumulated in the body since childhood as a result of eating WRONG FOODS builds up, solidifies and becomes a fertile playground for parasites in the colon and GI tract (colonic plaque), preventing the body from being able to properly absorb nutrients. So it doesn't matter how many superfoods or supplements you're consuming in an attempt to "be healthy" - the body can't use these if it's obstructed. 👉 The focus here is not on what you ADD to your body or your diet but on what you REMOVE from your body and diet. 👉 Food sensitivities, allergies, depression, in fact ALL so called 'diseases', even cancer, are the body attempting to bring itself back into balance.I say 'dis-ease' because whatever name allopathic medicine gives to a symptom is irrelevant, that is merely a game of "name the symptom" and "treat the symptom"Which just leaves the body even more toxic and obstructed. Treating the symptom doesn't alleviate the ROOT ISSUE.👉 The process I share with you here is all about identifying the CAUSE of the symptom (which is ALWAYS obstruction) and REMOVING it, thus eliminating the symptom AT ITS ROOT.👉 FASTING is the only way to remove these obstructions and bring the body back to a healthy balance. So our schedule looked like this: Maxinne & Manueles fasting protocol - "small version" - 10 days The real protocol has longer descriptions of "WHY", to give a bigger understanding.So this is written from Alice to me and Manuele."For the next 10 days, I want you guys to experience the deeply detoxifying power of fruits and particularly fruit juices, as well as the simplicity of “mono” eating, which means eating only one food at a time, since this is by far the easiest for the body to digest and therefore allows as much energy as possible to be redirected towards healing and elimination. The most important thing to consider and bear in mind as you do this cleanse is your EMOTIONS and what comes up for you in that respect. Even physical symptoms are not all that painful or challenging, even if the pain is acute… it’s more the psychological torture that we put ourselves through when we encounter detox symptoms: we start to tel ourselves all sorts of frightening stories (usually forgetting the reality of impermanence) and this is what TRULY hurts" - No plain water AT ALL and only drink within your “wet window”. - see below. Coconut water which is allowed any time or water with lemon/lime squeezed in- intermittent dry fasting of 14 hours (including sleep) i.e. a 10-hour wet window- At least one enema (within the “wet window” otherwise this breaks your daily intermittent dry fast)- No coffee or caffeinated tea but herbal tea is ok (again, only within the wet window)- Journal every day, even if it’s just a few lines on how you’re feeling, what came up etc. It’s a great tool for when you feel a lot of emotions come up.  - 10 minutes of Buteyoko breathing, see videoDay 1-3 You’ll be drinking Watermelon & lemon juice over the next 3 days and coconut water or lemon/lime water if you feel the fruit juice is too sweet or too intenseDay 2-6We’re going to be a little less restrictive on these days and you can enjoy any fruit juices such as pineapple, grape, orange/tangerine/Day 7 Today you’ll be dry fasting, ideally for 36 hours, meaning 2 nights and 1 full day. If this is too much for you, you can do 24 hoursDay 8-10Same as days 4 - 6.So from 10 am - 8 pm we had our wet window every day where we were allowed to drink our juices. Then from 8 pm til 10 am the day after we dry fasted. So 14 hours daily with nothing - only air. Then day 7 was 2 nights and 1 day - 36 hours Dryfasting. This was the most challenging for me for sure. I will write a separate post about it <3