Flowers for Dais - astrology readings

This is a great tip about personal astrology readings by my dear friend Daisy <3Who I love and look up to so much, she is such a talented human being.  Probably THE perfect gift to give yourself now in the beginning of the new year - to get clear on different matters in life. Am I on the right path in life? Who am I?Why am I reacting like I do in different situations?Who am I the most compatible with?What is not serving me anymore in this lifetime? Her webpage you can find here --> Flowers for Dais(This is not a collaboration, just me showing my appreciation for a friends work in this lifetime)More information about her you can find below <3 So we have now come to a subject I have been wanting to share with you for a long time <3Astrology - and how it has helped me to get a bigger understanding about myself today, me in correlation to other people, how I work as a human being in this universe. There is SO SO SO much more than just reading your astrology star sign horoscope in a magazine - which is a generalization of only your sun sign. Your star sign is based on how the sun was placed when you were born. But we also have lots of other planets in our powerful universe, that also affected the energy levels of your birth. How were the moon, mercury, venus and mars placed? And how does it effect you differently? So by doing a personalized astrological reading, it's like getting a 100% more accurate and detailed horoscope just about you.  I wasn't a big believer in astrology before, but when I had my first meeting with an astrologist 2,5 years ago he opened my eyes. A lot of what he told me I was skeptical about and I wasn't sure if I believed it all. But I let it absorb, I had another session, also tried another astrologist - and the more knowledge it gave me the more I understood how much I believed in this.  Most things are so spot on regarding me. I have a lot of fire in my chart, my sun sign is sagittarius and also my ascendant. Then its a mixed cocktail for different planets. One thing for example that I learned about myself in my first meeting, that would probably have taken me a while to figure out myself was - that the astrologist asked me about my past relationships in life. Wanted me to describe them in detail and then came to the conclusion "so it seems that you have been dating a lot of feminine men in your past", and me with a chocked reaction saying something about that they weren't feminine at all - whah I thought. He explained  to me that what he meant had nothing to do with the sex, being a man or a woman, but that it was related to the feminine and masculine aspects. That the men I had dated had many of the feminine aspects overruling their being. And that he meant that these relationships most probably did work out well for me, cause since I have many strong masculine aspects in me, it easily created the polarity between me and my partner. But maybe not the polarity that would make me ultimately happy in life. So he suggested that I should try to date more evolved men, that have worked with themselves in their spiritual path, that are more into their healthy masculine - so that it could allow me to step more into my natural feminine essence. At first, this sounded very weird to me, but nonetheless, I had it with me for a while and I let it sink in - and oh how right he was. Regarding men now - I really need a strong masculine character to make me want to dance life's feminine tango around his pillar.  I can imagine that this all sounds a bit strange if you haven't read anything about astrology or the divine feminine and masculine aspects that every human contains, no matter what sex we were born with. But it really isn't. It's also important who you have a session with and how well they can explain it all to you. Who wouldn't want to get guidance on your future evolution? What is good for you to focus on in life right now? What kind of partners you fit the most with? Work related questions! There is so much you can learn from this. You can compare two different people, regarding in a partnership of love or in a work relationship, and look in what aspects you really suit each other, how its easiest for you to communicate about things, how to make your relationships as smooth as possible. Now I have regular meetings with my astrologist :) But thats why I want to recommend you all one of my really good friends who gives these readings. The information you need before the meeting is your date of birth, the exact time when you were born and birth town. She is from Australia but she gives sessions online over "Skype". She has helped me a lot on my personal journey <3 She is very good at explaining things so you get a bigger perspective and a better understanding. She really studies your chart in detail and has so much to offer. In her Evolutionary Astrology Reading you look at your karmic patterning and how to liberate yourself from this. Also the divine union of your internal feminine and masculine. And how all the other planets are playing out for you. Help you to understand their cosmic job description, their purpose and their dance with the universe. For my last session with her I recorded it, and her opening of the session was just so magical, so I would like to share it with u. Daisy says:"Place one hand on your heart and one on your womb space and take 3 deep breaths to centre yourself. I would like to open the sacred, safe container by calling on all of our loving and benevolent ancestors, our spirit guides, guardian angels, power and spirit animals and any other unseen helpers. Please help us hold space for this session - giving us any necessary downloads that can help Maxinne on her path moving forward. I also ask that any energies/entities that do not resonate with the highest and purest vibration of love and light please leave now - you are not welcome here - be gone, return to the other side and be purified by source. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Thank you Maxinne for giving me the honor of helping you on your path." Ahhh... She is such a lovely human being.For ever thankful for the guidance I have gotten from her. I hope you found this information interesting <3And if you are wondering about something in particular, she is probably more than happy to answer your questions.Love/M About Daisy <3 Daisy practices evolutionary astrology - which uncovers the souls lessons and evolution through the birth chart - including the unresolved karmic pattern you were born with, and how you may still be living out this habitual ‘shadow’ side. She grew up with a fascination and intrigue for spirituality and metaphysics. About 7 years ago a passion was ignited in Daisy. She began exploring this metaphysical science, alongside other spiritual and holistic tools. Daisy was self-taught for a few years before enrolling at the Sydney Astrology School in 2016, whom certified her as a practicing astrologer after 4 levels and 3 years of in-depth study. Daisy continues to take multiple courses that deepen her astrological and psychological knowledge. She is currently studying under Kaypcha’s Shamanic Astrology School for Complete Chart Interpretation, bringing even more spiritual depth into her practice. She also likes to incorporate Jungian Psychology into her readings and understanding of the human psyche. An astrologer can study their own birth chart for the rest of their life and continue to discover more about themselves and their interaction with the universe.  Daisy wishes to give all human beings the permission to be their most authentic expression of self, without (self)judgment and inhibition. All human beings are born with purpose - the seed behind why the soul incarnates. As soon as we step up to meet our hearts purest desire of being and make that commitment to ourselves - the universe will meet us there, holding our hand, and fully supporting that expression. I offer different kinds of session - the first one will always the the foundation session where we cover your karma and the archetypes and dynamics in your birth chart, and I add in some forecasting transits at the end. From there we can build - I can do chart synastry between you and another person - or do a full forecasting session, using multiple techniques to have an understanding of what is coming up for you for the next year of so. About Astrology Astrology is the study of the interaction between celestial bodies and how they affect our lives here on Earth. Everything in the universe is made of infinitesimally small vibrating strands of energy - we are vibrational beings. Everything in the universe is connected, therefore, whatever is experienced in the macrocosm (celestial bodies) is automatically reflected in the microcosm (humans). The solar system is a vibrational playground within the Universe itself, emitting frequencies at differing pitches. Being an extension of universal energy ourselves, we are innately connected to these vibrations, experiencing each for its uniqueness. These vibrations play into our lives, aligning with different parts of who we are emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  The natal chart is a snapshot of the planets at the exact time and location of your birth. It is a map to discovering your souls purpose, evolution and lessons in this lifetime. It helps us to remember our original desire to incarnate. It is your cosmic footprint and spiritual DNA.