I gave my body as a vehicle for my partner in love's learning journey of yoni-massage

Today I entered a space I wasn’t really sure how it would unfold. I was giving my body as a vehicle for my partner in love's learning journey of yoni-massage. With the intention of going deeper with this person, learn from each other, allowing ourselves to be our fully selves in each others presence. I have received several yoni-massages and also done a course myself for giving yoni-massage to women, so this was not a new practice for me. But each time and moment is always so different, never comparable! And for each time you keep learning about yourself and really noticing at what stage in life you are at. I knew before this afternoon that I had stored up some blockages regarding some subjects in life, so I had a fear for a big release and how it would be to allow this in a room filled with many people in a workshop setting. But it all came out beautifully. I’m so grateful for have met Manuele. What ever this leads to, how ever short or long our journey will be together, I will be forever grateful for his present energy, how he supports my energy to fly high, and how he allows me to step into my full self with unconditional affection. Today I stepped in to a deep trans of floating emotions. I didn't think this would be possible with the current setting, but I fully went into my inner sacred space. With Manu’s devotional energy towards me - I felt supported to surrender fully. I I’m happy that I’m on the path of love with a great human creature. Beyond thankful for today. I recently came home from this afternoon journey. I have meditated, been in my own space to integrate and absorb. I don't want to share my energy with the outside world right now. On my way home I just stopped quickly to buy some food for us tonight. I have 3 hours for myself while M is working which feels good to be able to spend this time with myself after this experience. When I comes home we will have a proper sharing about the day. Then I will make love with him and intensely cuddle him cause tomorrow morning I'm leaving to Hampi for a few days. A proper girls trip with Rachel & her brand Fara that I have been a muse for for quite some time. Also a bunch of more lovely ladies will be joining. So 4.45 tomorrow morning the cab will pick me and Sophia who is working with me, and go to the train station. Really looking forward to these creative days <3Thanks life for my magical flow. I'm blown away for the present moment.