Intimate transformation work

For the last 4 years I have been on a big searching journey. Well, that is not exactly right. I have been on a big searching journey since I was born. But since 4 years back I really put in an extra intention of deep transformation of myself. To get to know myself better, understand myself on a deeper level, to get rid of lots of blockages, past traumas - all this to live more freely in my being. I have come a long way already and it is so beautiful to see when I self reflect and look back to the cool process I have had so far. Intense & powerful, getting to know so many cool people along my way, and most important - myself. I am not even nearly done, cause we never are. For me life is about a constant strive to keep evolving.  I have done most my courses/workshops/retreats in bigger groups, which has given me a lot. But this year I wanted to try something new - individual coaching with one of my favorite teachers - Justine Baruch. I have shared little about our process here in my social medias, mostly cause I am still in my process so it' s nothing for the public just jet, but I am truly blessed to have met this woman. How she just understands me, how she helps me to think in new ways, what a massive support she has been during this last period in my life when I noticed I had come across a manipulating insane human being. How to deal with that kind of a betrayal. I will share more about our personal journey together, mine and Justines - cause she has been a very important milestone in my life. And I know that how she helped me in many ways, can most probably be some help for others, to get inspired to dare work more with yourself. Since I first met her, which was in a spiritual school where I did a course in "Evolving through Tantra", which was based around working with our limited beliefs about ourselves, our fears and how to reprogram ourselves. It was about 1,5 year ago - and in the first class I instantly felt drawn to her personality and how she teaches. What I like the most is that she feels real, authentic and when she speaks her words I open my ears widely and listen naturally. Her very simplified way of describing complex matters makes her very relatable for me. I have a hard time listening to too much fluff and big words, I like when its easy accessible for my mind to understand it and apply it to my own reality. I knew there and then that this was not the last connection we had. From even before I met Justine, I had heard about this advanced transformative 6 week "retreat" called ITI - Intimate Transformation Intensive with it's full name. I have friends who have done it already and people who have been wanting to do it. Just by hearing a little bit about it then catch my attention completely.  Also from being in these conscious / spiritual communities the past years - you in general hear about A LOT of different retreats / courses. But it was something different with this one. The ITI process works with the body, emotions, beliefs, sexuality as a way to get in touch with the Authentic Self. You learn practical and powerful solutions for how to integrate your spiritual path into your daily life.  One of my main curiosity points is that they also combine the work around sexuality with topics such as shadow work, core wounds, childhood issues, etc. I haven’t jet come across a transformational retreat who combines all of these topics together. U will understand more if you read the description of the program. So. I knew this was something I wanted to do. I did all the first level courses before this one, to be able to apply to this program. You need to have a little bit a ground knowledge before and done some self work, so this is more of an advanced deep diving program. To do this course you also need a partner that you can get intimate with. This person doesn't need to be in the program, but needs to be in the same area as the program takes place - since there is many love making rituals you do outside of the classes. My goal before was to do this on my own, maybe with a male friend/lover that I could do the rituals with, or just having a lover outside the course. First of all I didn't have a boyfriend at the time, but I think also I was a bit scared to do it with someone I love so deeply. To really open up so vulnerable to someone in this kind of deep work. Afraid of showing all my shadow sides too. But then I met Manuele - which I felt strongly I could do this along side with. We have already done some deep work together and I have never met a man who is so aware with his being and who is able to communicate on the level we speak with each other. With self reflection and not getting into blaming of the other. I know that he will be the biggest support in both our break downs and in our rises. In saying this, both still focused on our individual path plus our journey together.  So at first I thought it would be a problem that he hadn't done all the basic courses that I have already done. But Justine have now changed the program to for those who haven’t done the courses with her earlier, they will be able to receive videos to get the basic knowledge and few books to read prior to the program. I wrote briefly about this program during my stay in Thailand a few months ago, with my intention that I wanted to do it for the next round. It was then planned in America and somehow it just didn't fit into my life then. I was very disappointed that it wasn’t my time jet, but accepted it. Then Justine decided to do it in Koh Phangan in Thailand in January next year. Which was much more fitting both time wise and location wise. Koh Phangan for me is all about my own transformation, every journey I have had there has been focused on me evolving into my better self. Me and Manu sent in our applications, describing why we want to do it, sharing our answers regarding intimate questions. Then we had interviews to analyze some of the topics deeper. Cause this program you can't just apply to and immediately get in, there is interviews and forms you need to fill in so she can feel into if you are ready for this program. Its also only 14 people who gets chosen. This is another reason I really want to do it, cause it is such a small intimate group. Which means you will still get a lot of individual focus compared with a course with lots of people. And the support and relationship you will be able to build with these people too. Lots of information here haha. But you always ask me to share about my journey, my choices in life, my favorite teachers, the courses I choose to do for my own self etc. So I really just want to recommend you all this program. Not for those of you who just started your heart opening journey, but for those of you have been on the path for a little while and who is searching for something deeper. And what I finally want to come to - IS THAT ME AND MANU BOTH JUST GOT APPROVED :-D !!!!! And I am over and beyond excited for this big opportunity. And to share this with Manu who I want to grow with. JIIIHOOOOO !!!! If this resonates with you and you feel a little pull, I would really recommend you to go in and read more about it. I know most spots have been filled cause she has had interviews now the last couple of days, but there is still about 4-5 spots left I think. And until end of August there is the Early Bird price still.  HERE you can read more in detail what it is about. Would be cool to have some one of you doing this deep work in the same group as myself and Manu. Sending you all so much love. I feel bright today. Less heavy. Happy. Excited. I miss my boyfriend so much and I am so excited that he comes to Stockholm this Friday night. Living life is a real gem. For ever grateful for my journey <3 Below you can read just a small little description of what it includes, doesn't it sound tempting?? :-D