MY 30th BIRTHDAY BASH á la India - Part 2 (dinner & preformances)

I celebrated my 30th birthday in one of my favorite brands in the whole world - created by one of my good friends Rachel - Fara Boutique <3In jewelry from another friend - Christina, Ananda Soul <3Felt like a bohemian queen stepping into my thirties.  BIRTHDAY CREW!!!!!!!!!!Except for Tia who is not in the pic ! The actual dinner celebration I had planned on one of my favorite spots here in Goa - Anahata Retreat. I'm very good friends with the owners - Rishal & Angela which is two amazing souls. They had organized so nice for me and I had been there a few days before to pic my menu for everyone.  For appetizer it was a mango, basilica & mozzarella salad - one of my favorites on their menuAs a main there was a little platter of different types of vegan dishes, aubergine roles, hummus, falafel, different kinds of sauces, sallads and DREAMY stuff.For dessert there was another mini platter of three different vegan cakes - lemon tart, peanut butter cake and their special. They have a new French chef who have made wonders with their menu <3 So delicious food !So when we arrived we had some pre cocktails and got ready for the final performances ! Team nr 1 "Arambol Soldiers" mad a big rap performance with beatboxing, singing and dance. It was so amazing!! The text was;Arambol Soldiers, beatboxing rockstars, Maxinne is flawless, we bow down to her goddess"And such a performance hahahah.... <3Team nr 2 "The 3 fiery foxes" actually got some extra points for their name, cause Thilda remembered that I named my vagina for a while ago in a shamanic journey. She wasn't sure about the name som the group made a real effort with getting to know this name with writing to all my recent past lovers to ask if they knew the name of my vagina hahahaha.. And through one of them they managed !Then their performance was just THE BOMB. It was a imitation of me, where Nikolai played me, and Olivia and Thilda played my most recent French lovers hahaha... I apparently have a thing for French men. And it was so so funny and Nikolai really captured me so funny. "Lets all get naked", drinking my period, wanting snus, dancing, flirting with these men hahaha... I almost died from laughter by watching it!So after Josefin and I discussed we decided that Team nr 2 won, cause of some extra on point details. But both teams were so good ! I'm so blessed with su cool friends making all of this for me, and all of them had so much fun while doing it. During the dinner Sophie had the most beautiful speech I have ever got, I cried. Thilda & Mira too, and Baran. It was all just so beautiful. Food was magical, everything so dreamy I couldnt event imagine a better birthday celebration.  Thank you all for making my day the best ever!Thank you also for all birthday wishes I got! And to all of you who follow me, support me, to become a greater version of myself.Life is just THE BOMB!!!<3