My Itchy Skin - Maxinne Björk

In paid collaboration with ITCHY Let’s talk about skin! I have dealt with eczema and allergy through-out most of my life. My state now looks very different than just a few years ago. Here comes a start of a vulnerable share from my side. Today I am very passionated about this theme since I have suffered a lot through out my years for not feeling beautiful enough due to my skin. I didn't want to go to school when I was small and I have cancelled work for this reason. And it has most definitely challenged my self worth.  Totally ”flawless" skin is quite rare - but still that’s the only type of skin you can see in media today. In reality we have pores, blemishes, acne, eczema, dry skin, rashes, psoriasis and many other versions of skin. All magazine covers, fashion editorials and runways are filled with ”perfection" so no wonder why most of us grow up believing that something is wrong with us. At least I did.We need to create space for all skin types to fit into the beauty spectrum. It needs to be normalized, accepted and cherished too!  Social media is filled with obscene filters that covers every characteristic in your face, but on the other hand more and more people dares to show up and reveal their natural self. Their unfiltered beautiful truth. The more of these accounts I see - the more permission I feel to show all the layers of myself. With this post I am so happy to share my new collaboration with an amazing brand who has the same goal as myself @heyitchy. They have created a community for sensitive skin. Yesterday they launched their two first products of ”Anti Irritation body cream”, one more suitable for psoriasis and one for eczema - but they work amazingly for most sensitive and dry skin. I have tried their formulas for a long time now to see if they fit me - and I really like them. I have been using them on my dry spots and some eczema actually came to visit recently - and it worked very well on that.They provide a subscription based offer, where you each month get a delivery of the creams you need. But you can of course buy a cream once just to try it. You can end the subscription at any time.  They launched yesterday so to celebrate that they offer 15% discount on the first purchase with the code: ITCHY15, either on the first month of the subscription or on the first product you order.If you subscribe you also get  access to the premium version of their app ”Itchy - Psoriasis & Eksem”The subscription can be paused, ended or changed at any time. There are no hidden fees or lock-in periods. The products will also be available for one-time purchase!Their products are made in Sweden by experts in the field & they manufacture all their products with clean, green energy from renewable sources. Which I highly value in a brand! Click here get to ITCHY's webpage ---> ITCHY To make it clear! Most of the photos in this blogpost is from many years ago. I have investigated a lot into this subject and gone through a long healing journey within - and today I have quite a good awareness around why my skin reacts. My inbox on instagram got flooded of tips of how to heal myself :) So I’m in no need of suggestions now since I found my ways and gotten a deeper understanding. I will share more what have worked for me later. But the purpose of this post is to normalize non norm skin, and that we are equally beautiful with or without spots / rashes or patterns.  Ones healing journey can look very different - and what works for me may not work for you! But I will definitely share my journey later on <3  I highly recommend to have a look at their site and see all the other brave people who shares their naked truth in such a beautiful an inspiring way!