Naughty & Nice - Sexy Christmas Calendar - 2021

In paid collaboration with Finally it’s time for my yearly collaboration with Kino Shopping (click on the link) and their epic Christmas calendar! For you lovers who wants to spice things up for Christmas - this is your opportunity ;-) I really love this calendar cause it’s the perfect tool for both explorative couples and for beginners regards to sextoys. You receive a manual how to navigate through the abundance of new tools. Even if you bought the ones last years they change it up so there is always new toys and guidelines! And even though you have a super busy Christmas, you can do this whenever during the years. Last years me and Manu started already in November hehe.  For me, this is one of the best idéas ever! The past years they have gotten sold out quite quickly after my posts, so better catch one in time <3With the code: Spiceitup you receive 10% of - they have also lowered the price this year!(The code is valid until 17/10 2021)LINK FOR THE CALENDAR belowKino Shopping (click on the link) Enjoy and happy playing lovers <3