P L E A S U R E Tools 2.0

In paid collaboration with Lustly.se(link) My work is literally pleasure. I get paid to masturbate - life goals haha. I have now tried a new round of toys for vagina carriers. I guess with some fantasy - who ever can use them for what ever you fancy. But since the last post was for couples - this post is focused on masturbation purpose. For you who carry a vagina and wants to explore some pleasure. And the same here, of course with some fantasy - use them together with your partner too! Or with your friend or lover. What ever floats your boat ;-) But I have tried them while masturbating by myself! I see myself as the guinea pig who navigates in the sex toy jungle for you ladies!There is so much to choose from and how can you possible know if it is good or not?! So I am trying what’s new on the market to review them for you :-) I choose these toys out of popularity / or that I found them interesting in some way / or I just like the brand! But with the thought that I already think they are good. I have a quite good awareness when I am choosing, since I have tried LOTS of toys through out my days. /The experienced sex toy champion. Snail Vibe (link)This one was a treat! Such a fun tool! I had seen pictures of this model various times before and wondered ”how the hell does it work and is it really nice?!”. But I understand it’s popularity cause it was actually really interesting. On my instagram story today the 26 feb 2022, you can see a video of how it works! Once you put it in your vagina, the ball rolls along your clitoris. You can add different vibrations on both high and low speed in the ball and in the part you insert in the vagina. For masturbation it was great and I’m looking forward to use it with my partner!  Lelo Ora 3 (link)This was one of my favorites. Just cause it was so unusual! It’s a form of pussy-licking simulator. Once I laid down, used some lube on top of my vagina, then the toy on top, closed my eyes and fantasied that someone was going down on me - it actually felt like that haha. So as a new toy for my home collection this was a really fun ad on. It gave very pleasurable sensations! Highly recommend ! Fun Factory Sundaze (link)I’m not such a technical person and when I have to sit and study the manual to understand it - it just gets a bit complicated for me hehe. I prefer very easy breeazy gadgets when I don’t have to think so much! To get the most out if this one I really had to read though the instructions of the buttons. BUT, once I had done it it was quite interesting. It’s a dildo with vibrations that is trying to simulate thrusting. So vibration wise - I think it’s one of the better ones I have ever tried. I liked that it had a big variation of slows too, usually these sex toys has too harsh vibrations and then I don’t like it. But this one was really cool - cause it wasn’t really like vibrations :) More like a big move back and forth - like thrusting ! We-Vibe Touch X (link)I had to try this one just out of curiosity. Too see if new vibrators on the market is giving any new sensations than 10 years ago. And while trying this I got reminded that I’m just not so into pure vibrators. It was very small and smooth. So for women who likes to use a vibrator while they are making love, I can imagine that this one is perfect - cause it’s so easy to hold and it wouldn’t be in the way. But fun to try again and see that my taste hasn't changed. It also had many nice different vibrations to choose from. So - if your are into vibrators - I think you will like this! Perifit pelvic floor trainer (link)This is not a pleasure tool. More a healing gadget. I have to give this one a high score, even though I am doubtful for personal reasons. It’s a Kegel exercise tool that measures the strength of your squeezes and helps you to localize so you use the right muscles. Then it is connected to an app on your phone so you can play different ”video-games” but using your vaginas strength. When I read about it at first I felt of course this is something I need to try - and I have to admit that it was quite funny and amusing. And I will keep on trying it out. What I am questioning though, is how good it actually is to have bluetooth connected inside your vagina while doing it. And I didn’t like the fact that you are looking down on your screen the whole time that you are working with your vagina. I feel we have too much screen time anyway - so I don’t know if I want to add another practice daily. BUT - as a tool to use now and then if I want to make it extra fun - absolutely ! I think for women who loves games and needs support with Kegel exercises - I think it’s a great tool! Over all! Super fun to try all of these! I hope you find something that interests you <3