Play Party Warm-up "The Henna night 2.0"

A play party was now on the schedule, I was going to attend it with Manuele but with many our our shared friends in the same spot. Last year when I was in Goa I went to a play party too. It was a very intense and powerful experience for me in many angles. I even wrote an erotic novel out of this experience, which I don't think many of u have missed ;-). Before that night last year me and my Franziska adorned our bodies with beautiful henna tattoos around our vaginas. Rapahel who is a great artist helped us with the artworks and it was such a beautiful night.  This year before the upcoming play party me and Raphael decided to do a favorite in replay. But with a new group of people. Me, Rapahel, his girlfriend, Manu, Baran and Burak. Baran I have known since last year too and he is a very close friend of mine - magical human being. And he also brought his brother who was here visiting in India. We had a magnificent night where we together helped decorate our body parts with different patterns, flowers and other symbolic meanings. It was such a beautiful journey to share with them. And a really beautiful warm up for the coming night.Since my theme name for the party was "The queen of Cocks" Amalia created a queens crown around my vagina. And since I was the queen Manu were the King - with a crown above his lingam.  A little bit of failure from not thinking one step a head with the artwork. We thought we were smart deciding not to make love that night to not ruin the artworks, but we didn't really think as far as regarding spooning. So... he spooned me for the night and I woke up with his artwork all over my bum and back haha. The king had to marked his territory haha. And my front was a bit smudged out, but it didn't really matter. We had a super breakfast from the master of sauces with a bit of vegan chocolate cake - the way to start the day !Let the journey begin!!