Saturday in KP

Saturday Saturday. Time flies. Now its 2 weeks and 3 days before we leave this island. Time has just passed so quickly - but thats whats happening while you are enjoying yourself. Yesterday evening I bought some pretty flowers that I wanted to use for some creative ideas. Alarm was put on 6.30. Went up, got ready and woke up my man. He was a bit out of his spiral since last nights happening. We were at our neighbors to visit their baby monkey. I don't agree at all that they are having it as a pet, but what to do. They are taking well care of her and I am in another country with completely different views of how to treat animals. But yesterday while we were there she jumped up in Manus face and accidentally put her hand in his eye. So it got all red and irritated and this morning it was way worse. We started taking some of the photos I had in mind but after a very short period of time it started to heavily rain + my period plus massive pain arrived. So instead I had to jump into bed to nurture myself. Been half sleeping and been very non productive all day. And Manu has been mostly by my side with his painful eye + a start up of a cold. On and of the whole day it has been raining and now there is a proper tropical storm outside. Pretty nice to be in our top floor bedroom an look out how natures does it thing. So this have been a slow Saturday for sure hehe...Hope u are having a magical day guys <3