Sex Coaching is for everyone !

Since I am doing personal development coaching sessions at the moment, focusing on my fears and my limited beliefs around myself. Started those while I was in Thailand with Justine Brauch who have been my teacher in other fields earlier. Since I was digging deep in my own work I felt I wanted to gift Manuele the same. So while we were in Thailand and he was going through his process of self doubt in different areas - I felt that I wanted him to have personal support from a man. There was many moments of frustration and even though I reassured him with information and tried to encourage him to trust in the process, it still felt like some form av support can feel nicer to get from someone with the same gender. At least thats my opinion. Simply, if someone is about to teach me about my vagina and her orgasm journey, I have more trust if it comes from a woman since she actually has one her self. It's easier for her to talk from own experience. I have learnt lots about myself from men too, but sometimes it can feel comforting and more relatable with the same sex.  I have been following an very inspiring man the past couple of months - Cam Fraser. He titles himself as a sex coach, has many years of experience in yoga and tantra and simply writes and inspires like a true life teacher. I love reading his post that is mostly focused on the male sexual journey. And he shares so openly and vulnerable about his own life journey, his limited beliefs and the big shift he have done. Its a true blessing with people like him who writes so openly about subjects many men are afraid to talk about. I hope that one day I will be able to attend some of his workshops. But I got a good idea. Since he inspires me so much, I had a strong belief that Manuele also will feel in line with what he writes. So I introduced him to his instagram-page and I also bought one of his online texts on his webpage. And I was right, Manuele really liked him and that lead me to giving him as a gift - a few coaching sessions with him - which I will not be a part of. That will be Cam and Manus sessions together.  Now they have had a few sessions already and I can already see that this was the greatest gift I could ever give to my partner. Something that helps him evolve as a human being individually. Since Manu now also have started to share his journey very openly, I asked him to share something with me. So later on I will share with you some steps they have gone through. I encourage you all, to work on yourself! We are never fully done with self work cause everything is always changing, around us and inside us. Humans individually needs constant reflections and hard work - to keep helping us to become our best versions of ourselves.  From the little I have seen of the process, I can truly recommend Cam if you want to support your man in his journey! I know a lot of tantric teachers and people in this field, but somehow I was very drawn to his energy and his way of communication. So I choose him out of many options. You can see his instagram page above or at Camfraser400 and if you want to check out is webpage you find it HERE <3.He offers some free texts and guides on his webpage for both men and women.Also, for my male followers. My man Manuele_Paradiso is sharing his journey very openly, and he has already shared some beautiful texts. Very open with no filters. I attached on of his texts below too which is about our sexual journey and also influenced by Cams insights.Personally I love how he writes, not just because he is my partner.<3 Since the first moment I met her I felt an intense physical magnetism. We met on ecstatic dance, a space of no talking. Like two asteroids colliding, we clashed and we danced skin by skin. I was grounded and flexible, letting her rotating around me, over my neck, supporting her with my arms. We melted, we shook, we spun so intensely that I was feeling high. She was moving like a crazy storm around me. I was the eye of this superb cyclone. Today I understood that the dance we performed was the dance of two gods, the masculine and the feminine principles arousing from our souls, craving for their opposite polarity.Her sexual energy is a tornado which soon I understood I had to learn how to hold. I mostly felt confident and sexually strong with my past lovers, but this time I felt I was not strong enough. My sex coach @camfraser400 recently told me that a man is like a bowl that should hold the woman's chaotic energy inside. When the woman's energy is too big for the container, she will overflow and he will loose control. If I wanted to have a stronger connection, if I wanted to have more fun with her by adding power to our divine dance, I couldn't allow myself on being lazy. I had to enlarge the capacity of my bowl, the capacity to play from a state of passion and calmness at the same time. Strong and soft. To hold and to lead.I know the biggest obstacle on my evolution is my own self-judgment and a dysfunctional goal-oriented attitude. I'm the only one who put myself down, with unreal expectations, self-unworthiness and a distorted masculine role model on my mind (heritage from the macho worldwide-culture). So, today I know there's a road to walk step by step, and it requires a daily based discipline. In that sense I see how important a relationship can be for self-development. Before her I was an arrogant self absorbed lover who thought to have nothing to improve sexually. With her I'm learning that a Goddess needs a God beside her. Not a priest, not a devote, but a being who's confident of his own inner divinity, ready to play from the same level.p&k