Sexy Christmas calendar - Naughty & Nice 2022 - Lustly

In paid collaboration with It's finally the time of the year to advertise this epic christmas calendar - Naughty & Nice 2022.  It has become a yearly tradition now and that's just because it's such a great idéa! And actually - the calendar just gets better and better for each year too!It's a Christmas calendar filled with lots of sex toys, guidance and other mood enhancing tools to get a sexy holiday with your partner, lover or explorative friend ;-) I have followed the last 2 years calendars BUT still I am excited for this new one - cause it's always new toys and new surprises! I believe it's the perfect idéa for both veteran sex toy connoisseur & for beginners. They will just help you with different aspects. As beginners and for those who maybe doesn't know what you want to explore and try out - here you have the perfect guide with someone choosing a wide range for you! If you are shy, here you don't have to express to your partner that you want to try something in specific - the calendar is choosing for you ;-) Which can ease things up.For me as a veteran in this field haha, I love not knowing what's in the boxes, and being guided into a specific play that day that I wouldn't have chosen for myself. It's always some new cool gadgets too that I haven't tried - so it's a lush ride! And I like being told what to do (sometimes hahaha)...  Every year these calendars sells out quite fast, so if you want to get a hold of one - I would recommend you to not think too long. It's even the perfect gift for your partner ;-) The sexiest of surprises! LINK FOR THE CALENDAR And of course - there is a discount code: "ohohoh" that gives you 10% discount on all calendars on the site, there is also others from different brands! So go browse. The code is valid until the 26th October, and can not be combined with other offers.ENJOY!