Tantra for women - level 1 - SEX TO SPIRIT

To all you women, girls, all you vagina carriers - what ever you call yourself ❤ In June there will be a "tantra for women"-workshops happening in Stockholm. Which is a one-day workshop. A 5-hour journey that will give you a wide insight of how it is to live life as a tantric woman in this modern world.  The date is Thursday the 13th of June 6.30 pm What is tantra? Is it only connected to sex? Do I have to be naked while attending the workshop? What will I learn? Do I dare to go alone? I thought of telling you a little bit about the course and answer the most common asked questions I receive by email. All our workshops take place in a safe environment in small groups with only women - for a more intimate and powerful transformation.Tantra is about being more in your body and opening up for more love. Towards yourself. To others. Instead of your mind. Learning how to feel more. Increasing awareness for yourself and how you work as a person.Tantra is a teaching about how to work with your sexual energy for increased pleasure both in your everyday life and sexually. Tantra has helped me with a bigger self-acceptance - daring to love myself just as I am created. The more you learn about yourself the safer ground you can build in your heart. I wouldn’t say it has not changed me from who I was before, but it has made me a better and more grounded version of myself and now I see the world through a pair of glasses with much clearer glass. It have helped me to dare to work more with my fears and limited beliefs around myself and my sexuality. This course, Tantra for Women Part 1 is a theoretical course where you will mostly listen and have questions. In my tantric journey, I started with an informative course like this because I wanted to learn the background of everything first, so I would get a better understanding of why you do different practices. Everyone is different, but I'm learning the best that way. The course is fully dressed of course, we prefer you to wear clothes in this workshop 😉 But many of you asked that question last year, so better to make that clear straight away. Of course, you dare to go yourself if you have no friend who wants to join, we will be a wonderful little safe group of women and Charlena, I & Luke will take good care of you Uncover your divine feminine essence in this powerful 5 hour workshop.  Charlena & Maxinne are super passionate about Tantra, Self-Love, Divine expression and all things that make us women so magnificent and divine! This powerful workshop will help you understand what it means to be a Tantric Woman. Discover where tantric women get their power from, and learn from the experience of a modern tantric practitioner (us), showing you how to reveal and unveil your inner potential. This workshop is for both experienced and beginners in Tantra and over the course of the evening, we will cover: - Social and cultural conditioning about sexuality and spirituality- The principle of polarity (femininity and masculinity - yin & yang)- Sublimation - channeling sexual energy- Different forms of female orgasms (tantric orgasm, implosive vs explosive orgasm)- Pelvic floor exercises including Jade Egg practice- Female ejaculation (kallas)- Tantric view on menstruation This workshop combines theory with practical advice on how to become more open and aware of your sexuality and sexual energy as a woman. You will learn how to feel more pleasure and experience the power of tantric orgasms. You will also receive guidance on how to reduce the negative symptoms of the menstrual cycle such as pain or emotional instability. After the workshop, you will receive an email with lots of supporting information, articles, links, e-books, and other materials to complement the knowledge you gain from the workshop. The tools and knowledge you will gain from this workshop are invaluable. The courses will take place in smaller groups so there are not too many places. Refreshments and snacks will be offered during the evening. Energy exchange - 1600:- For booking and questions, email to info@charlenaishani.com and Luke will Hope to see you there  ❤ / Lots of love Maxinne & Charlena  ❤