The essence of yourself - Step into your feminine nature through Tantra and self love practice

The essence of yourself - 2 day retreat for women (click here  for the facebook event, with details of dates, times and prices)Step into your feminine nature through Tantra and self love practiceJoin this 2 day journey and immerse yourself in practices and ancient tantric teachings that will encourage you to go beyond your limitations. The first day will be focused on purification and ridding ourselves of old beliefs and conditionings. In order to evolve and grow and be the best versions of ourselves, we must make space. This requires us to acknowledge, accept and let go of all that isn’t serving us. Through yoga, guided meditations, breathe work, sisterhood, jade egg practice and rituals, we will release the old and make space for the new.On day two, you will arrive feeling lighter and spacious from the previous day of purification. Ready for a day of manifesting and abundance. In order to live the life we dream of and love it from a consciousness where anything is possible, we need to set the intention and know which direction we are heading in first. Exploring through the senses, invoking with tantric rituals, dropping in to the body with movement, yoga and massage and ending with a manifesting Yoni egg will leave this retreat feeling empowered, embodied, grounded and directed. Each morning we will have Shakti Yoga with Sophie Prana that will come all the way from Austria to practice her beautiful sessions with us. Beautiful vegetarian meals will be prepared to nourish us three times a day. So briefly what these days will include: Chakra breathing journey - purification Pranayama for getting in the body Cord cutting ritual with jade egg Expression through silence Niyasa ceremony (infusing a feeling in the body to manifest) Manifesting exercise Self massage - Abhyanga Self love ritual with rose egg Shakti Yoga & MeditationIntegration You will also receive an amazing goodie bag to bring home with essentials for your daily tantric path, with instructions for practices you can do at home, products and other surprises.  The weekend will be hold in EnglishFor questions and bookings - email We are so looking forward to share this with you beautiful women living in SwedenLots of love/Maxinne and Charlena ♥READ MORE ABOUT TANTRA FOR WOMEN LEVEL 1 HERE