The Tantric Man - Online Course

In collaboration with Solar Bodhidharma which manages Tantric Life (adlink) HERE is the link to his course  You who have followed me for a long while knows that I only recommend things that I truly believe in. I also rarely recommend teachers and other workshops if I haven't experienced them myself so I can talk from my own experience. I haven't actually done this course since it's for men but I know Solar very well and he is amazing at what he does. And I have seen some of the materials. He have put his whole heart in this project and I am super happy to help him promote it.  Somehow it feels that in general women are more open to go to workshops and classes, while it can be a bit more intimidating for men to attend a workshop among men regarding sexuality. Then this is the perfect tool for you, to be able to learn these teachings from your own safe place - your home. Below you can read about his course, but I recommend you to check into his own page where there is more information!CLICK here to read more.There is also a video you can watch so you get the feeling of Solar <3The next course starts the 7th of July, so pretty soon. And perfect that it's in the summer when you maybe have your vacation - easier to dig into it even more. It is not a full time course, so its very easy to manage even though you are working. So if this is something that interests you - NOW is the time ;-) Then this is the course for you.Wether you have a background in spiritual practice, or if you’re just starting your journey, this course will offer you all the knowledge & practices you need to have an embodied spiritual sexual practice. This course will give you a thorough understanding of what Tantra is, the Supreme Non-Dual Vision, and how and where sexuality comes into play. You’ll learn practices & techniques which are esoteric in nature and cannot be found on google. To read more on Solars webpage, CLICK HEREManuele is doing the course too, so I am super excited for him! LOVE