Valentines exploration with your Lover

In paid collaboration with I would almost like to call myself a sex toy pro at this point in my life. I have tried SO many gadgets on the market and me and Manu would actually need to buy a closet just to fit all our pleasure enhancing tools. Can one have too many? Nope, I don't thinks so. So, now I’m doing a collaboration with Lustly to try & review some new toys on the market - with the theme ”For couples to explore together for Valentines”.  How juicy is that? Doesn’t it sound like a the perfect treat to give your partner a mutual sex-toy or a kitt to explore for Valentines?First dinner date - then bed date with tool play :-D Of course there is a special Valentines discount - the code "ownyourorgasm" gives you 10% of site wide, even on the sale. Let's start this review <3 We-Vibe Bond (click for link): This one I really liked! We haven’t actually experimented so much with penis-rings before so it was fun to try. It really made his erection super hard and it stayed hard even though his penis wasn’t stimulated for a while. And since the vibrations came from the bottom of the shaft, it kind of just gave a glimpse of vibrating sensations up to the top and stimulated straight on my cervix. It gave me very strong pleasure sensations and a super powerful orgasm. Manu found it fun to explore with too. This will not be the last time using this one :-D Highly recommend ! We-Vibe Chorus (click for link): These couple toys is super popular on the market and most brands have their own version. So I felt I wanted to try the trend! ”We-Vibe Chorus Cosmic Blue Intercourse Vibrator is an updated version of the world's most popular intercourse vibrator” - that’s the description. And unfortunately - I didn’t like it at all haha. I believe - if you are really into vibrating stimulation on your clitoris your will probably love this. But for me, I felt that the longer it was in the further away I got from my orgasm. At first I thought it was going to be hard to fit Manu’s penis inside my vagina at the same time comfortably, but that was no problem. It was just a bit too intense for my personal taste and in the end I was so numb in my vagina that I didn’t feel pleasure from normal penetration after. So we switched hole and headed towards anal sex instead haha. I guess I am a minority since it’s such a popular toy. Lovense Gush Glans massager (click for link): This one was a real favourite. I’m a sucker for exploring different types of penis pleasure and this tool felt simple to use but really enhancing the moment. First by only using it with the hand was fun and Manu really enjoyed the vibrations. But the best part was to use it on the shaft while I had the top of the penis in my mouth. Creating a never ending vibrating luscious vagina. This was a winner as well - it will for sure be used more! Anal beads (click for link): I love anal beads! If you like anal play this is a must. Manu enjoy to enter them into me and play with that. It turns him on too. And then having them inside while making love is a super pleasurable sensation. I usually get such enhanced orgasms while having either beads or an anal plug in. I don’t always feel like anal stimulation, but when I’m in the mood - it’s amazing. If you haven’t dared to explore this area jet - I highly recommend to try ;-) HighOnLove products (click for link): I love these products! The packaging, the smells, function and especially the ingredients. Most brands who makes massage oils and intimate products actually have really toxic stuff inside - but HighOnLove is definitely more of a premium brand with natural ingredients. The massage oil is based on natural caring oils, such as avocado oil, almond oil and hemp seed oil - and smells delicious!! And since it's natural you can even eat it. THE favourite product of them all is definitely the Chocolate Body Paint. My cup of tea for sure. Of course you can just melt chocolate by yourself and paint on each other - but it ads some extra layers of juiciness with the heart formed glass bottle + the packaging. Can’t think of a more fun an playful Valentines gift to explore together. Tasty & creative! It is based on hemp seed oil of premium quality and it tastes yummy creamy dark chocolate - which in itself is an aphrodisiac. The product is 100% natural. You can paint yourselves to chocolate warriors and then just melt into a sexy mess haha!! The clitoris HighOnLove Stimulating Oil is a pleasure-enhancing clitoral oil based on hemp seed oil too. This gel increases blood circulation to the clitoris, which is supposed to increase the desire while the orgasms become more intense and last longer. Usually I am not so in to clitoris stimulating creams - but I was recommended this product by a friend specifically. And I must say that it was quite fun to explore with. I can’t really say that it gave me longer orgasms. But it was a pleasant sensation. I will surely keep on exploring with this one :)HighOnLove have many different products and cute gift wrapped kits :) Rose gag ball (click for link): I have recommended this one before - it's a true favourite. How pretty isn't it? It's like a little piece of art! Super sexy and perfect to start your bondage journey - or add to an already advanced bondage practice. Handcuffs (click for link): I find these extra pretty cause they are in gold. And it feels like such a classic with a pair of hand cuffs. It will never go out of sex fashion ;-) And - sexy lingerie is always a fun ad! Here is a link for explorative costumes and lingerie !!Enjoy guys! I hope you got inspired to maybe try some new playful metods in the bedroom :)Love Maxinne