"Why choose if you can have it all"

"Why choose if you can have it all".. Thats my new motto in life, regarding most topics. Food, love, connections, juiciness ! And now I'm just in the biggest abundant soup of everything I love. So. I'm really sorry for me not posting so much these days. I feel strongly that I need to listen to my body and follow my flow, and it hasn't just been any time for writing or posting. I hope you love me anyway - and accept that I follow my truth <3 And maybe inspires you to take some time of social media ;-) It is really doing me some goon now, to build up my energy and being more present and enjoying life even more. But I will be better of course, I just don't want to promise anything, cause when I have done that lately I just havn't done what I promised. So better not promising something I cant hold. But soon Mira & Thilda will leave back to Sweden again and then I will have much more space to write and be productive. I really just want to cherish all moments when they are here now, cause it's so magical to have two of my best friends from Sweden in my new home, discovering my new life together with me. I have been bringing them to ecstatic dances, singing circles, LOTS OF YOGA and much more. We have many more creative ideas for the future which I am so excited for too. We are planting some major seeds that will grow into a cool mama plant very soon. My time here since I arrived has just been so magical in any way. Some of my best friends from all over the world is here and I have been able to infuse them all to becoming friends too. I have had mind-blowing sex with an old lover which I'm very happy to spend time with again. There is some new sparkles around which is also pretty exciting. I had theee best birthday celebration which I will tell you all about very soon! Now its Saturday afternoon here and soon we will have a cocktail on the roof top during sunset time, then we are heading to a cool place here where it's live music :) A PRETTY good Saturday in other words !Sending lots of love! And speak soon!