Womanizer Special

In paid collaboration with Lustly.se Did you know… That it’s MASTURBATION MAY now?  A full month dedicated to self pleasure! Hell yes! I thought of celebrating that with some juicy pleasure guidance. Since Lustly.se & womanizer is one of my main sponsors for The Creative Feminine - we though it would be fun for me to review a bunch of Womanizers and rate them individually. To see the differences :) And inspire you for this month. I guess you can imagine what I have been doing the past week haha. So I hope that I can inspire you to focus some extra on your on individual pleasure - regardless if you have a partner or not. Even in partnerships I have never stopped to nurture my own pleasure. It’s KEY to keep my own being in tact.  But firstly - A big hurray to that Womanizer have launched their first ECO friendly sex toy. More green orgasms to the people. Womanizer Premium Eco is made of Biolene which is a degradable and environmentally friendly material. It is also completely vegan. About: Womanizers revolutionary technology Pleasure Air Technology® stimulates with the help of vacuum and air pressure in a very pleasant and intense way that almost feels like oral sex.  Womanizer is one of the few brands on the market that gives you an orgasm guarantee - and I understand why! I decided to rate them after price range, with the cheapest first!I love that they have many variations that suits different peoples wallets. Womanizer Starlet 3 (click for link)This is their ”budget” version but which is still very high standard. If you never tried an air pressure sex toy before maybe you want to try a cheaper version first and see if you like it. It has 6 intensity levels which you can play around with. What I love is that the lowest pressure is quite low, and then you can build it up if you like. I really dislike when the lowest is already too intense - as with many brands unfortunately. I haven’t tried this since I don’t have a tub at home - but you can use it in both the shower and UNDER water! Down to 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes. That’s pretty advanced ! Womanizer Liberty (click for link)(This specific color is a collab with Lily Allen). This one I have since before and is probably my favorite, cause it’s small and easy to bring where ever you travel. It doesn’t sound so much and it’s easy to grip. Its also very easy to use during sex if you want to stimulate your clitoris while being penetrated. Aesthetically I like this one the best too. Me personally I don’t need many different vibrations and this is perfectly enough for me. You can also use this under water :) Womanizer Premium Eco (click for link)Let’s welcome Womanizer's first climate-smart air pressure vibrator ! I’m so happy eco friendly sex toys starts taking up space on the market. Womanizer Premium Eco is made of Biolene which is a degradable and environmentally friendly material. It is also completely vegan.As an added bonus, you support the "One Tree Planted" project when you buy this product. I love this!And about it’s functions - what I liked is that it’s only ”sucking/vibrating” once held against a surface. So if you remove it it stops naturally. It can be perfect for those of you who needs something more secretive haha. With the included extra stimulus head in a size small, you get a more intense and precise stimulus. You can almost say that you get two different sex toys in one. 10 points! Womanizer Duo (click for link)I mean, this is a full on space ship taking you to the outer galactics. It’s big and not the smoothest tool to bring out while playing with someone else. But for alone time - hell yes! I for sure have to say that pleasure wise - this is my favorite - since I prefer stimulation on the inside too. This one penetrates you from various pleasure angels and for me it gave me the strongest orgasms. Both the clitoral stimulator and the penetrating vibrator have twelve intensity levels and as many as ten vibration modes for the penetrating part. This gives you every opportunity to find the stimulation that suits you. This one also has the Smart Silence Technology, which means that it is in a standby mode during use and the pulsating pressure waves only start when the nozzle comes into contact with the skin. And automatically shuts off after ten minutes when not in use. This is a keeper haha!Last reflectionsIf you have one of the basic ones, and you like this kind of stimulations, then I highly recommend to try Womanizer Duo!! It’s for sure taking you to the next level!And ladies and gents - make sure to indulge this month and build up your sexual energy for the summer! MEN - this is a great gift for your woman! Here you can see all Womanizes products and colors (click for link)Here you get to Lustly.se website (click for link) ENJOY