A new life

Last week as having the entire family at home is coming to an end. My husband has been home since July and it's been a real treat to spend so much time with each other.  On Monday he starts work again, Victor is going back to kindergarten (only Tuesdays to Thursdays  though) and me and Santino will keep on chilling! Jokes aside, I'll start reading about the countries we are interested in and trying to gather some usefull information. Also I have some business ideas but I need to attend some courses to be able to start up later on.Also we have Santino christening to prepare for in October, and our NYC and Toronto trip in December.  In between these my husband will be traveling in work so I'll have some days alone with the kids and I'm trying to prepare mentally. It's good practice for the future when we won't have any family nearby to help me.