About a week ago

So this summer has been really cosy. Both me and my husband have been home on parental leave for about 2 months. In August we went to Hungary to visit my relatives, most of them live in a city called Györ.We went by car and took the opportunity to visit some cities nearby and on our way to Györ.First stop was Prague, wow what a beautiful city, I could definitely imagine us living there.Then from Hungary we went to Bratislava wich was a great surprise. Bratislava felt like a cosy small capital but with so much life and people and the beauty of this town was really captivating.And then Vienna, wow Vienna! This is a city I could, without a doubt, imagine us living in. BUT! HUGE salary is needed cause it's really expensive! At least with the lifestyle I've imagined hahaWe've visited many countries and cities in Europe and I love the mid- and southern european vibe and lifestyle the most I must say. I'm having a bit of a hard time feeling great in Scandinavia, I'm more of the outgoing kind and love to interact with other people. I love the feeling of friends being like family and I love people who love chatting😁At the moment our moving will most likely be somewhere in Asia but we won't be closing any doors for sure!