And here we are!

Wow, I've been waiting and waiting to start up this blog. My initial plan was to start writing once we moved but today it stroke my mind, why the wait? I could begin here and now since this aswell, is a part of the journey!Let me introduce us. We are a family of four, our sons Victor (2y) and Santino (4m), me Sabina and my husband Miran. We currently live in Sweden and we are both born here. We are planning on becoming expats (is it even possible to say it like that?), and the reason I'm starting this blog is to be able to document this journey and of course for those interested, this is a great way to follow us on our life-adventure!Both me and Miran always knew we wanted to move abroad and discover the world outside of the Swedish-bubble.  It's one thing to travel but something completely different when you live in a country. Were we start our journey will be decided by were my husband will find a new job and that could basically be anywhere in the world. Our primary plan is to find something within the company he works with at the moment since he is quite pleased with them, but if better opportunities comes along he's not one to say no.My plan is to be a stay at home mom in the first year or so abroad. Our children are still very young and preschool and kindergarten can be very different from country to country. Also I'm a RN, so when the time comes for me to start working, I want to make sure it's a job with as flexible working hours as possible. Don't get me wrong, I can be quite a workaholic but with no family around, babysitting can be a bit hard to find! We have some trips planned in the nearby future and of course I will write about those and the progress and process in finding a new country to move to. Now that the kids are asleep we'll turn to YouTube to find some inspiration in what countries to search in!Good night!