Does it ever end?

Our oldest started kindergarten again after a long summer vacation of 8 weeks! It was lovely and no one got sick, not even once! And then we got back to kindergarten and hello fever, cough, and runny noses... Every other week Victor gets a cold and of course Santi gets one aswell shortly after. I've been wondering, is it common to catch a cold in warmer countries? Are kids sick as often as in countries with a colder climate?The job search continues for my husband, we'll see when and were we will end up!  I've been thinking of job ideas for myself. Maybe something I can do from home or just for a couple of hours while my husband is home with the kids. I don't want to hire a nanny immediately as we get there but in time I guess I will have to because we won't have any family there and the kids are still very young.Also I'm trying to find different expat communities in the countries we're planning on moving to :)